Course Catalog Logo Updates

As we continue on our path of providing training and professional development, we have reached an exciting milestone! On April 15, 2019, the PDIS will turn four years old. We have grown a lot during this time and want to help you continue on your successful path.

As the PDIS has grown, more courses continue to be added to the PDIS course catalog. We have more than 25 Level 2 eLearning courses and more are coming in 2019. To make it easier to find courses that interest you, courses will be organized around the eight competency domains. The new logos in the Course Catalog will reflect the content of a course instead of whether it's eligible for Level 2 clock hours. "Level 2" courses aren't going away, they will just look a little different with a new, more meaningful logo. This new course organization will help learners choose training based on strength and growth areas discovered through the PDIS Competency Self-Assessment.  

If you are looking for a course that counts toward your Level 2 clock hours, there are a few things to know:
1. Most courses are eligible for Level 2 clock hours. To verify if a course is eligible, view the course description page prior to registering.
2. Courses that are eligible for Level 2 clock hours can still be viewed from the course catalog category drop-down menu, as well as the search function.

Examples of what the new logos will look like are below:   

If you have any questions or if further assistance is needed, email us at or call us at 1.844.447.4441, option 2.  
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